Going On…

Hi, This week, I have some updates regarding my recent writings. Those who have been following this blog may already be familiar with the fact that I started this blog to publish weekly updates during the process of writing the second draft of my first novel Beyond the Dark Sun. But as it happens, I … Continue reading Going On…


Project Abandonment

Hi, I have a small confession to make. Those who have been reading this blog since its beginning already know why it came into existence. Those who haven't, allow me catch you up: for the past three years (now four), I have been trying to work on a novel trilogy, still working on the first … Continue reading Project Abandonment


I’m working on a dream Though sometimes it feels so far away I’m working on a dream And I know it will be mine someday These are the lyrics to the title track of the 2009 album ‘Working on a Dream’ by Bruce Springsteen. This is the song I fall back on when I find … Continue reading FIRST HURDLE IN WRITING THE SECOND DRAFT