Some of the Best Women in Literature

The whole world celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March.  It is the day when every man and every business is respectful to women and then go on to buy and sell used displaying cleavages. I think we all can do a bit better than this … if we try. But, be that as it … Continue reading Some of the Best Women in Literature


Kamila Shamsie and her ‘Luminous Prose’

“There are moments, Hasan, when I like to think that the stars are bullet-holes. For every bullet shot by an oppressor there springs to life a star, with so great a radiance that it can never be put out, it can never be imprisoned. But if that really were true, the last three months in … Continue reading Kamila Shamsie and her ‘Luminous Prose’

Normalising Touchy Subjects

Hello again, everybody. First of all, I apologise for missing out on the past two Sundays. A lot has been happening over at my end and I was more than slightly busy. I had my exams, then one weekend I was out of town, and then I changed jobs, so slowly settling in the new … Continue reading Normalising Touchy Subjects