Kamila Shamsie and her ‘Luminous Prose’

‚ÄúThere are moments, Hasan, when I like to think that the stars are bullet-holes. For every bullet shot by an oppressor there springs to life a star, with so great a radiance that it can never be put out, it can never be imprisoned. But if that really were true, the last three months in … Continue reading Kamila Shamsie and her ‘Luminous Prose’


Normalising Touchy Subjects

Hello again, everybody. First of all, I apologise for missing out on the past two Sundays. A lot has been happening over at my end and I was more than slightly busy. I had my exams, then one weekend I was out of town, and then I changed jobs, so slowly settling in the new … Continue reading Normalising Touchy Subjects