Update for Missing the Last Two Sundays

First of all, I would like to apologise for missing out this Sunday and the one before it. I was busy because of the exams; the next one is on 21st. Moreover, things have been sort of down and I haven’t been able to write, primarily because I have completed the first draft and I often feel like not rewriting because of the presence of the first draft in front of me. To me, the first draft is bad. I cannot just finalise it with so many plotholes; there is much to improve in it. That is reason I am writing the second draft, and I am rewriting it whole with better understanding of the characters and the story.

So far, I have written three chapters, all long, which take up about 18,000 words. I am really trying to plough through it, to write daily, yet not make it like a regimented activity. As a result, I am trying to make the process more interesting. One of the things that I’ve resorted to is writing short stories. They all revolve around the theme ‘Home’. I have written a poem on ‘Home’ and a short story a few months back. Continuing that theme, I just finished the second draft of another short story for which I wrote a song and a poem, which are a part of the story.

For me, it is one of the best short stories I have written so far. Hopefully, it will be finished and stored in the short stories section in my computer before Wednesday. Perhaps, I will even share that story for a limited period of time on my next post and you can tell me how you like it. Why I chose the theme ‘Home’ is because the word has a subjective meaning. Through the stories, I mean to touch upon some of the many meanings that this word stands for. These stories will be funny, emotional, empowering, and everything familial. I also have a horror story in mind, so that will be written too. I am really looking forward to both of these projects.

I’d also like to add that the book that I’m writing is vast, with many backstories and past incidents which shape the characters’ present; hence, it is important for me to carry this forward carefully, for each word counts. At the same time, it is also making me slightly exhausted because the story has been on my mind for three years. The obstacle that I’m trying to overcome is to make the process more exciting.

That is why I started this blog, and now I have taken up another project.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, please share in the comment section below. And if you’d like to read the short story and the poem that I have written around the theme, click on Contact above and send me a message.

That’s it for now. I will see you this Sunday. Leaving you all with a song which inspired the current short story that I’m writing.


P.S. – Basically, my idea of ‘making something fun’ is take up another project. Isn’t that fantastic?


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