Introduction to That Writer From Delhi and Other Random Thoughts

Hello. I guess if  you’re reading this you know who I am, even if just by my name. In case you have stumbled here by chance, my name is Shivam Kalra and I am an aspiring writer from Delhi.

Any word you will read on this blog from now on will be personal. I am not a gadget guru nor is this a book review blog, or focused on any other niche like food, music, or travel. I repeat, this is going to be personal and honest.

The reason I am creating this blog is because I am writing a book. It is planned to be a trilogy, and I finished the first draft of my book in February this year, after toiling for three years.

I have begun writing the second draft. Because of reasons like prose, narrative style, and few others issues, I am writing the whole thing again. Now that I have completed the first draft, I can write the second one with more mind and heart put into it. I am done with three chapters and am so deep into the process that my mind won’t let me quit. The only way I have is ahead and I am excited about it.

I know writing is unquestionably a tough thing to do. I can say it with certainty because I am spending my nights writing and going crazy with all the stories and thoughts in my head (and not staring at a blank page; I always end up writing something). If you are an aspiring writer too and are finding it hard to write, if you feel that you can’t juggle between work/school/college and writing, I’m here. Let’s write together. If this blog can stop even a single writer from quitting his/her dream and help finish it, nothing will make me happier.

This weekly blog will serve as a track record of how my book develops from the second draft till, if ever, it gets published. Of course I won’t be updating the story of my book here, just how I’m faring. And if I feel good and it works, perhaps I will share some of the short stories I have written so far or the ones I keep writing.

The other purpose that this blog will serve is that, sometimes, I’ll talk about what I’m watching or have watched, what I’m listening to (I’m a huge fan of metal and rock music), and/or what I’m reading(because which writer doesn’t like reading?). And, maybe, make some recommendations every now and then. Of course, I would love it if we could have a conversation. So, you, too, can recommend me anything.

I won’t write reviews (definitely not spoilers, although that notoriety is well known; but I’ll try). I’ll even update what I have been up to lately, what ticked me this week, and what made me happy and address some issues that needs addressing.

I assure you there will never be any clickbait article or post here. I personally find them annoying but let’s not get into that.

So that’s pretty much it.

I will see you next Sunday.


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